Adam is Ready – Are You?

May 31, 2012

Why are you waiting?  Sign up for the team now!

Adam in ready!!!

Adam Moser – GCAC Artist/Athlete in Residence

Here’s the details:

The Cut-Off Men film can now be viewed online at:

Dream of Playing in the Major Leagues (MLB)? – Join GCAC Artist in Residence Adam Moser and Tryout!

May 30, 2012

Grand Central Art Center is pleased to announce our next Social Practice Artist in Residence – Portland, OR based artist and athlete Adam Moser.  

Moser will realize his lifelong dream of playing in the big leagues by trying out for Major League Baseball (MLB). Recognizing he is not alone in this dream, Moser is looking for individuals of our GCAC community in order to form a 9-member tryout team, the Cut-Off Men. 

Team members must be in good physical shape, available to attend events the evening of June 11 and available the complete day of tryouts on June 12 from 6am-10pm. Team members must also be 25 years or older and will be required to sign both the MLB and Grand Central Art Center release of liability forms. Team members must supply their own cleats, gloves, bats and equipment.  GCAC will be supplying team jerseys.  

The public is invited to a free ball signing event and Dutch Treat Dinner on June 11. The first 50 people will receive an autographed baseball, signed by the entire team. 

Details on the dinner can be found at:

The next morning, June 12, the nine members will load into the team van and make their way to the official 2012 Major League Scouting Bureau U.S. Tryout Camp in Compton, CA. 

The complete team will show off their skills for the scouts and stay for the entire day, before returning that evening for an official team press conference to be held in our GCAC AIR clubhouse. 

If you are interested in joining Adam’s team and trying our for Major League Baseball, please sign-up in person at Grand Central Art Center or by sending an email to 

Adam will be selecting his teammates if more than eight individuals sign-up.

The Cut-Off Men film can now be viewed online at:

Weekends Are Active @ Grand Central Art Center!

May 29, 2012

February 1st of this year we announced our new tenant/collaborative partner relationship with Delilah Snell, as she opened The Road Less Traveled location in Grand Central Art Center.  We knew this would be a match made in heaven, but we didn’t realize just how heavenly it would truly be.  Delilah is a SUPERSTAR!!!

Delilah Snell of Road Less Traveled & Patchwork

This past Sunday, Delilah presented her Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival here at Grand Central Art Center.  The Patchwork Festival has its roots in Santa Ana, started at the original Road Less Traveled store parking lot off Buffalo Street, but this is the first year it’s been presented in downtown Santa Ana.

Crowd arriving prior to 11 a.m.

Patchwork took over two full downtown city blocks along 2nd Street and Sycamore.  Vendors lined the streets, DJ and live music filled the air, and the community came out in grand support, with estimates of well over 5,000 individuals attending.  And it started early, with many folks arriving even before the 11 a.m. opening time, browsing the booths.

Packed streets during Patchwork @ Grand Central Art Center in Downtown Santa Ana, CA.

By mid-afternoon the streets were packed and the booths brimming with patrons.  Everyone was having a great time and enjoying another wonderful sunny California day.

Gypsy Den, Road Less Traveled and Lola Gaspar overflowing with people during Patchwork @ Grand Central Art Center!

Our neighboring restaurants were pleased as well, they were packed with patrons throughout the day.  In speaking to them, the only issues were the fact that they hadn’t anticipated such a successful event.  We were told that one ran out of some food items and that another was so packed they had to turn people away.  That’s a true sign of success!

Cheers! project by ISM

Grand Central Art Center had patrons visiting our exhibitions, zines designers and GCAC store all afternoon.  Patchwork also provided a booth to ISM as they engage folks for their Cheers! project to be included in the upcoming ISM 10th anniversary exhibition at Grand Central Art Center, opening July 7th.

Millard Sheets Studio, All the Queen’s Men and The Disagreement exhibitions

We thank everyone who attended Patchwork here at Grand Central Art Center and we look forward to having you join us in downtown Santa Ana again this coming Saturday (6/2) from 7-10 p.m. for this months First Saturday Art Walk. Continuing exhibition includes Millard Sheets Studio: The Art of Home Savings & Loan
 curated by Concepción Rodriguez and Wendy Sherman.  Please join us for an evening with Tony Sheets, son of the artist Millard Sheets, and storyteller Jim Cogan beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Plus Naida Osline’s All the Queen’s Men and Camilla Taylor’s The Disagreement, which all are set to close on june 17, so this will be one of your last chances to see these outstanding exhibition.

And if you missed Patchwork in downtown Santa Ana, you have another chance this weekend when Patchwork is presented Sunday in Culver City.

Patchwork @ Grand Central Art will be presented again in the fall, so make sure to sign-up for the Grand Central Art Center email announcements to keep informed of all dates, activities and times.

Open Engagement, AAM, Social Practice and a Forward Vision @ Grand Central Art Center

May 24, 2012

Social Practice is a major focus of our Forward Vision at Grand Central Art Center (GCAC), so we were honored by an invitation to participate in the Open Engagement conference in Portland, Oregon (May 18-20).  GCAC was represented on two panels by Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak, which included:

René de Guzman, Dominic Willsdon, John D. Spiak, Stephanie Parrish, Allison Agsten

It Turns Out There Is Room For Everyone: Museums and Social Practice – with panelists Dominic Willsdon (SFMOMA), Allison Agsten (Hammer Museum), René de Guzman (Oakland Museum of California), Stephanie Parrish (Portland Art Museum) and John D. Spiak (Grand Central Art Center). Moderated by Harrell Fletcher (Portland State University).


Gregory Sale, John D. Spiak, Pete Brook, Julie Perini

Prison Communities: You Can’t Arrest Your Way to a Solution. Social Practice Engaging the Criminal Justice System – with panelists Gregory Sale, John D. Spiak, Pete Brook, Rachel Marie-Crane Williams and Julie Perini.

Bernie Díaz (Faculty @ SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts), Ariel Gentalen, Karla Monterrey, Shannon Jackson (Director of ARC @ UC Berkeley), Carlin Boyle

We were able to encourage, with the help of GCAC Artist in Residence Jules Rochielle, a few California State University Fullerton students, a faculty and staff member to attend the conference.  Those in attendance included: CSUF students Carlin Boyle, Ariel Gentalen, Karla Monterrey; CSUF faculty member Gretchen Potts; and CSUF staff member Mylan Chacon.  The conference allowed the opportunity for these individuals to connect with national figures of the art world, including artists, theorists, educators and curators.  It was clear that these individuals were truly inspired by the experience.  We are sure this will have a major impact on GCAC and the CSUF College of Art, especially starting next semester, as these individuals are playing key roles on the campus community – Karla leading CSUF Arts Week this coming year; Ariel leading the CSUF Arts Inter-Club Council; and Carlin through her Evoke Unity efforts.

Three weeks ago, Spiak also represented GCAC through two panels at the American Association of Museums Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which included:

Getting into the Bones: Museums, Dance and Social Action – with panelists Gregory Sale (Arizona State University), Robin Conrad (Fullerton College), Elizabeth Johnson (Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts) and John D. Spiak (Grand Central Art Center)


Kris Morrissey, Robert Garfinkle, John D. Spiak, Emily F. Zimmern, Thomas M. Finkelpearl

New Roles/New Culture: Tackling Tough Topics and Engaging New Audiences – with panelists Thomas M. Finkelpearl (Queens Museum of Art), Emily F. Zimmern (Levine Museum of the New South), Robert Garfinkle (Science Museum of Minnesota) and John D. Spiak (Grand Central Art Center).  Moderated by Kris Morrissey (Director, Museology Program, University of Washington).

The inspiration and knowledge these conferences provided inform this institution as our Forward Vision document develops and becomes more refined.

The in-progress Forward Vision for Grand Central Art Center focuses on the belief that the key to success in Social Practice Residencies is complete honesty, trust and openness by the institution, curator and artist with all potential collaborators and participants. GCAC is open to exploring, through artistic practice and conversation, the complexities of society – acknowledging that we may raise more questions than perhaps answer.  This institution is open to flexibility and adjustment throughout a project/residency as envisioned by the artist, leaving the opportunity for new discoveries to develop – creating the possibilities for even greater, successful and mutually beneficial outcomes for artist, institution and collaborator.  We use the term “successful” loosely, as we acknowledge that failure of a process also brings knowledge.  These rules should apply to any institution exhibition, program or project, but they are even more essential when working with community and artists through Social Practice residence.  Without an honest approach, trust cannot be secured to build connections with diverse individuals through an artist’s vision.

Shannon Jackson (Open Engagement Keynote)

We also acknowledge the kinds of results that often occur at the conclusion of a residency or Social Practice based project are not always easily measured, in the traditional sense.  For example, attendance figures, tour numbers and budgets may not be the most appropriate measures of “success.”  Unfortunately, these are the most common types of statistics that funders and agencies require in grant reports, usually due immediately upon completion of the project.

GCAC understands that many projects in Social Practice should not, and can not, be limited by a set timeline for completion.  Therefore, it is our goal to provide an artist time needed to realize their vision.  Often the first question asked by individuals when inquiring of our Artist in Residence program is “how long is each residency?”  To this we will answer, “we do not know,” as each will be determined by the artist, their project and their collaborators working through GCAC.  We also understand that even though a project might be considered complete, impact of that project, and even the project itself, may continue beyond the artist and institution.

If It Doesn’t It Should (Open Engagement Panel) – Ted Purves, Harrell Fletcher, Cassandra Thornton

GCAC will look at traditional and standard matrix measurements for each project, but we will also measure, validate and share the success, and/or failure, of each Social Practice Residency through the following:  gathering of personal stories and testimonials (artist, institution, organizations, community); presenting at national conferences (American Association of Museums, College Art Association, Open Engagement); creating web and print based documentation (website, blog, catalogues); writing and publishing articles in national journals (Museum and Social Issues, Art Education, Journal of Art for Life); and direct sharing with colleagues of peer institutions and through society itself.

The Social Practice Artist in Residence is just one component of our institution, but the philosophies of this program will guide GCAC in the further development of Forward Vision documents for our exhibitions, education, public programs and outreach.  Their outcomes will be measured in the same fashion and be accountable to our mission as a contemporary art center.  We will raise questions, allow inquire, be open to opposing view points, be challenged and/or criticized, in the hope of understanding greater society, the role of contemporary art and our shared, or unshared, experiences.  It is important for us as a contemporary art center to acknowledge that we may not be able to change lives or minds, but it is our hope to change moments.

PATCHWORK Indie Arts & Crafts Festival (5/27) @ Grand Central Art Center

May 15, 2012

Grand Central Art Center and Road Less Traveled
are pleased to welcome
to its new Downtown Santa Ana location!

Sunday, May 27
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

GCAC 2nd Sreet Promenade and Sycamore Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701


You will get to peruse 100+ booths featuring local independent
artists, designers & crafters at the show. These amazing creators
will be showcasing their wares including: clothing for men, women
& kids, accessories, home goods like art, pottery & glassware,
pet items, jewelry, soaps, candles & other bath & body items,
craft kits & patterns, knit & crochet items, stationery & paper
goods, plushies, purses, handbags and so much more!

You can snack on delicious creations from local restaurants and
unique food trucks.

Bring the kids so they can make art at our DIY craft booth.

Acoustic music stage

Gourmet food trucks: Piaggio on Wheels, Fresh Fries & Home Skillet,
Gypsy Den’s Brew Garden, Memphis’ Crawfish Boil, BBQ & Beer,
Artisan Food Promenade with Old Vine Café, Lola Gaspar and
tons of OC Food Crafters.

Poster printing with Joy Shannon (11am-noon), Crafting with the
Makery & Community (1-2:30pm), join Grand Central Art Center
and photographer Lauren Elizaide to paint, crate poetry and photos
on repurposed drink coasters for the upcoming project associated
with the exhibition “Define Your ISM” slated for this summer (2:30-5pm),
DYI kids art from the The Road Less Traveled and Belly Sprout (11-5pm).

Complete details can be found online:

PATCHWORK is organized by Grand Central Art Center
tenant/collaborative partner ROAD LESS TRAVELED.

Upcoming outreach workshops/programs presented by
Road Less Traveled @ Grand Central Art Center
Candle Pouring (5/24)
Welding (5/26)
Crochet 2: Granny Square (5/26)
Donation Yoga (6/2)
Citrus Preservation (6/2)
Yogurt Making (6/2)
Drum Circle (6/2)
Wood Carving Spoon Project (6/30)
Intro to Photoshop (6/6)
Sewing 101 (6/7)
Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for Your Home (6/9)
Wild Preserves (6/9)
Non-Toxic Bath & Body (6/10)
DYI Beach Cover-Up (6/13)
Charcuterie 101 – Bacon and Sausage (6/16)
Mini-Speaker Workshop (6/16)
Donation Yoga (6/16)
Father’s Day BBQ Workshop (6/17)
Green Drinks (6/21)
Kombucha Brewing (6/23)
Sewing 201 (6/23)
Beginning Crochet (6/24)
Screen Printing (6/24)
How to Repeat Yourself/Spoonflower (6/27)
DYI Bar Basics (6/30)
Podcasting 101 (6/30)

Please visit Road Less Traveled website for
complete details on each workshop, including
pricing, materials and sign-up.

If you joined us here at GCAC this past weekend,
then you know how much is happening.

If you missed all the activities, you can get a recap
through our most recent blog posting with images:

Car Parking on 3rd Street (structure @ Sycamore)
Bike Parking on 2nd
Additional Structures @ 4th St. & Spurgeon and 3rd St. & Birch St.
Surface Lot @ 3rd St. & Bush St.

Closed Mondays and Holidays
Tuesdays – Sundays 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.
Extended hours: Friday & Saturday 11.00am – 7.00 pm.
(First Saturday of the month galleries are open until 10.00 pm)

Quality exhibitions, programs and outreach of Grand Central Art Center
are made possible through the generous support of individuals like you.

Invest in Grand Central Art Center to support continued success!

We look forward to having you join us!

Another Active Weekend @ Grand Central Art Center!

May 14, 2012

It was another active weekend at Grand Central Art Center!  Saturday was an action packed day of engaged events and programs for a diverse range of audience.

Throughout the center were activities for children of all ages, as GCAC participated in the county-wide IMAGINATION CELEBRATION!  Our team, along with our tenant/collaborative partners MASKA Architectural Studio, Belly Sprout and Road Less Traveled, organized hands-on activities stations inside and outside the center for a day of fun.

As part of the IMAGINATION CELEBRATION!, dancers from the Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute delighted our patrons with their mastery.  They shared both solo and group dances, than opened their stage with audience members to teach some amazing moves.

Outside, on GCAC’s 2nd Street promenade and along Sycamore Street, the 9TH ANNUAL HOT ROD RESURRECTION CAR SHOW was presented by ACES Car Club.  The event included cars, music, food and vendors.  People loved the great bands, the amazing cars and talking with the car owners about their rides.

Saturday afternoon provided an opportunity for deep discussion and exchange through the panel OCCUPY EDUCATION: SHOW ME WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!, organized by GCAC resident Bonnie Massey.  The panel included Alan Emery (Prof. of Sociology @ CSUF) presenting: Successes and failures of democratic social movements in South Africa and Steve Jobbitt (Prof. of History @ CSUF) presenting: Reviving the Left.  Jules Rochielle (Artist in Residence @ GCAC) was present to record individual perspectives on the subject for her current project What is Democracy?

The evening capped off with individuals from Santa Ana’s Fisher Park, West Floral Park and Floral Park neighborhoods joining us for their NIGHT ON THE TOWN event in downtown Santa Ana.  It was a chance for individuals to get together, meet new friends and see our current exhibitions, all while sharing drinks and dessert.

Just another active, engaged and diverse weekend of programming here at Grand Central Art Center!

Family Activities, Car Show and Democracy Panel – This Saturday (5/12) @ GCAC!

May 10, 2012

Please join us this Saturday, May 12
for the following events and programs!

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

3:30 p.m.

See details below for a complete list of all activities
occurring throughout the day…

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
GCAC Interior and Exterior Spaces

Join us for a day of family celebration with exhibitions of Naida Osline, Millard Sheets Studio and Camila Taylor. Activities in conjunction with Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute, MASKA Architectural Studio, Belly Sprout and The Road Less Traveled.

May 12, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
2nd Street Promenade

Join ACES Car Club for a day of cars, music, food, vendors, pin stripes and trophies!

3:30 p.m.

Alan Emery (Prof. of Sociology @ CSUF) presenting:
Successes and failures of democratic social movements in South Africa

Steve Jobbitt (Prof. of History @ CSUF) presenting:
Reviving the Left

Jules Rochielle (Artist in Residence @ GCAC) presenting:
What is Democracy?

What a Weekend @ Grand Central Art Center!

May 7, 2012

We kicked off this past weekend on Friday, by engaging with Social Practice collaborative artists Owen Driggs, through their Performing Public Space Loitering Project.  Invited as part of Jules Rochielle’s Artist in Residence at GCAC, Janet Owen and Matt Driggs took visiting artists Jules Rochielle, Maria Del Carmen Montoya, Christina Sanchez, Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, and Cypress College art professor Ed Giardina and his students Brian Yellowshirt McNamara and Luis Munoz-Najar, on a loitering adventure of Downtown Santa Ana.  Owen Driggs and Maria Del Carmen Montoya were exploring the area in preparation of future visits and activities in associating with Rochielle’s GCAC Artist in Residence throughout the summer and fall.


Saturday’s activities started with an outstanding talk by author Gustavo Arellano.  He shared with those in attendance the history of Mexican food in the US, through stories from research for his latest book Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America.   Following the talk, Gustavo graciously signed copies of the book for those in attendance.  Thank you to Rueben Martinez of Libreia Martinez Book and Art Gallery for providing the publications for the event.  Thank you as well to Gustavo for allowing us this opportunity – sharing your knowledge and providing engaged insights, all with such humor and grace!


It was the monthly First Saturday Art Walk in Downtown Santa Ana, as well as Cinco de Mayo, so that could only mean a joyous night of opening receptions and cultural activities throughout the city.

Grand Central Art Center opened three new exhibitions to a very large and receptive audience.  The artists, curators and GCAC team did the center proud, with top quality exhibitions throughout, so we thank them all for their hard work, passion and talent.

The exhibitions included:

Naida Osline: All the Queen’s Men


Millard Sheets Studio: The Art of Home Savings and Loan

Curated by Concepcion Rodriguez and Wendy Sherman


Camilla Taylor: The Disagreement

Curated by Yevgeniya Mikhailik


Along with Saturday’s three opening receptions, California State University, Fullerton’s student project Evoke Unity engaged with Jules Rocheille’s What is Democracy?, creating an interactive/participatory installation in the GCAC AIR studio space.  Thank you to our outstanding CSUF students for their hard work, dedication and engaged approach to art making.  Many of these students, along with the artists who participated in the loitering of Downtown Santa Ana, will be joining us at the Open Engagement conference in Portland, OR, May 18-20.


And what celebration would be complete without some traditional Lucha Libre on the front 2nd Street promenade?  What power, what force, what energy – truly entertaining!


Sunday afternoon provided the opportunity for an educated conversation on the work of Millard Sheets and his studio.  The lively and informative panel, Dr. Adam Arenson, Alan Hess, Mike McGee, provide outstanding perspective and historic background to the work of this artist, designer and architect.  They shared their knowledge and research on the importance of the masterful artist and the impact he, along with Howard Ahmanson and Home Savings and Loan, played on the landscape, history and vision of Southern California.


And to round out the weekend activities, members of Southern California Artists (SCA) joined GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak for an evening of conversation at the center.  The group discussed the current series of exhibitions, the future vision and residency programs of GCAC, and shared views on Social Practice.

Thank you to all that continue to participate and contribute to the programming of Grand Central Art Center, we truly appreciate your support, enthusiasm and insights!