CONVERSATION #3: SOCIAL PRACTICE took place the evening of Thursday, November 15. The panel included artist Sarah Luther, Artist/Educator/Director of MKE<->LAX – Sara Deleiden, current CSUF MFA Student in Exhibition and Design Cassandra Erb, and current CSUF student in Exhibition and Design Kimberly McKinnis. The panel was in association with the exhibition INTERSTICE: NEW ECONOMIES for CREATIVE COMMUNITIES, curated by Cassandra and Kimberly at the CSUF Begovich Gallery on main campus (800 N. State College Blvd, Fullerton), which runs through December 13.

We were extremely fortunate to have Sarah Luther as Artist in Residence at Grand Central Art Center for a few weeks in November, a joint residency with MKE <->LAX.  She ventured throughout Santa Ana and was able to spend time in our community connecting with the architecture creating drawings along the way.  We thought we would share one…


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