Santa Ana Sites #2 – Backhausdance

full room p

Last evening we continued our Santa Ana Sites, a series developed by Grand Central Art Center and Allen Moon working through community collaborations, which aims to present contemporary performance in public and private spaces, in and around downtown Santa Ana.

As you may recall, our Santa Ana Sites #1 featured David Harrington, Founder and Artistic Director of the Kronos Quartet, who shared his insights into Kronos’ creative process through an evening of listening.

pre mixer3 p

This time around, Santa Ana Sites #2 partnered with Jennifer Backhaus to present Backhausdance, performing their newest work, The Elasticity of the Almost, in a dance installation. The three-night run (Thurs – Sat) opened with a private VIP performance event on Thursday. The evening started with a mixer, allowing this select group of individuals to become better acquainted, catch-up with old friends and make new ones. Our thanks to Dan Bradley and Diego Velasco of Memphis for the continued support of Santa Ana Sites through their generosity of quality food for the evening.

pre mixer2

pre mixer1

As the dance performance began, audience members were invited to roam about the loft space as the dance played out around them, provoking a shifting of vantage points and perspectives.





The dancers activated all levels of this three-story loft, providing multi-level viewing by the audience from balconies, as well as live streaming video projected upon the wall of the third floor.


full room 2p

full projection

duo ds

ds 3







dance 5 p

If you missed the preview event, we apologize. We were limited on space and had to be extremely selective. But don’t worry; the good news is that there will be three more performance, one tonight and two Saturday night. These performances will be ticketed performances: $12 advance / $20 at the door.

To reserve space for Friday and Saturday, please go here:

You can also share the event with your Facebook friends:

We would like to thank the dancers for the power, creative spirit and inspiration they provided over the course of this incredible hour-long performance. Our thanks as well to Jennifer Backhaus, Jeremy Hunt and the entire Backhausdance team for the realization of this dance, sound and media production. Thank you to all who attended and for the energy you provided throughout the evening. Thanks to Kurt Mortensen of the Pacific Symphony for some of the outstanding images included in this blog. Lastly, our sincere thanks to Allen Moon for collaborating with GCAC to realize and continue Santa Ana Sites.

Yes, there are more Santa Ana Sites in the planning stages, so keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming announcements.

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