GCAC Artist in Residence – Vincent Goudreau

Vincent Goudreau
(Vincent Goudreau in the GCAC AIR Studio with some of his recent work)

Say Aloha to Vincent Goudreau, our newest GCAC artist in residence, visiting us from the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Vincent will be with us for the next two months working on numerous projects and engaging directly with our communities.

Not yet familiar with Vincent’s work? Here’s a link to find out more:

(Vincent Goudreau – detail from The Juan Recordings: Migrating to the Senior Tour)

4 Responses to GCAC Artist in Residence – Vincent Goudreau

  1. What says:


  2. […] De Los Muertos show by the CSUF MFA students hosted by Memphis at the Santora, Artist in Residence Vincent Goudreau roaming the halls, guest appearances by the mayor and city council members of both Santa Ana and […]

  3. […] Vincent Goudreau was very active during his last weeks in residence at GCAC in mid-December. As part of his Recordings of an Immigrant project, we decided to fly Juan Aquino out from the island of Maui to join in him in residence. Juan is the inspiration/subject for Vincent’s current project. […]

  4. […] wanted to provide you with a little update on Vincent Goudreau, who was artist in residence at GCAC last fall. As you may recall, Vincent was here at GCAC working on the early development of his project […]

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