Legal – 3rd Audio Clip from Recordings of an Immigrant – GCAC Artist in Residence Vincent Goudreau

November 26, 2013

with sister & bunny
*Vincent Goudreau is current Artist in Residence at Grand Central Art Center, arriving in October and here until December.

Recordings of an Immigrant is a multi-disciplinary project compiled from a collection of audio recorded memoirs, a book, video, limited edition prints and a future website. It is the result of a seven-year friendship between Vincent Goudreau and his property owner’s landscaper, Juan Aquino, who arrived to the US in the trunk of a car, delivered by coyotaje to a drop-house in Fullerton, CA.


After receiving amnesty through Reagan, Juan sees himself beginning to live his American dream. Unfortunately, he is living in south central Los Angeles in the mid eighties.

The following is an excerpt from Recordings of an Immigrant, Chapter 3, titled South Central.


Additional posted audio:

Sacrifice, from Chapter 2, titled Mexico:

Revenge, from Chapter 5, part 2, titled Family:

Read more about Vincent Goudreau’s project online at:

INTERNal Affairs: Life is Like a Thanksgiving Feast

November 25, 2013

INTERNal Affairs is a series by GCAC Curatorial Intern and CSUF Art History major Shauna Hultgrien.

The holidays are upon us my Internet friends! Thanksgiving is just days away, which means Christmas is just around the corner (try not to panic too much you last minute shoppers). As I sit wrapped in my scarf and bundled in my coat in attempt to beat this California winter, I have decided to stop complaining about the bitter chill of sixty degrees and instead take a moment to consider something for which I am thankful.

Fish Tacos

While there are many things I enjoy; fish tacos, movies based on young adult book series, fish tacos, my wool coat, my scooter, fish tacos and my black boots, there is still one thing that I am thankful for far beyond anything else, and that thing is YOU. As a frequenter of the art world, it is no secret that my passions lie in the products of the creative mind. However, in considering this notion, another thought sprang upon me: I’m passionate about the product of any mind! Creativity is a human quality that we all utilize in various forms. It is what F. Scott Fitzgerald calls the “inexhaustible variety of life;” the fact that we are each unique; we are all our own, unlike any other there was, is, or ever will be. There is no possible way to recreate the exact circumstances which make you, you. And because of this, I am constantly flabbergasted, bewildered, amused, and entertained, over and over again.


My position as intern here at Grand Central Art Center has afforded me the opportunity to experience art as it is today. My jaw dropped when I first experience Cumulus, the gargantuan homage to the L.A. Aqueduct by Braden King and Matthew Moore. My mind spun and my side ached from fits of laughter after a walk through Eamonn Fox’s tongue-in-cheek exhibition. My heart ached as I fully absorbed the weight of the message embodied in Beatriz Cortez’s Time Machine. But art is not something simply hung from the walls. Art is everywhere and art is everything. My jaw also drops in awe of my microwave that can cook my potatoes in three minutes. The Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer is arguably the greatest invention of the last decade and I am overwhelmed with wonder and excitement every time that dryer returns my hands to me without the slightest hint of water. Every time I wheel my luggage from terminal to terminal I am beside myself with appreciation for whoever decided to fasten wheels to my over-packed suitcase. The bottom line is that we, as the human race, are great. Whether you’re Henry Ford or Pablo Picasso, the things we produce and the actions we take allow us to help each other experience that full spectrum of emotion. I am so thankful that we are all different and all bring our own homemade dish to this thanksgiving feast of life, it all looks so delicious and I want to try everything! I am never bored and always amazed and it is all because of YOU.

So thank you whoever decided to fry that fish and blanket it in a tortilla, bravo! Thank you shoemaker who cut the boots precisely to the height I prefer, wonderfully done! Thank you automotive company in Italy who knows how to package fun on two wheels, amazing! Thank you J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer and Suzanne Collins, your literary geniuses translated beautifully on the silver screen, a most excellent feat! And thank you, you! We are all in this together and you are making it one heck of a journey. This is your grateful GCAC intern, over and out.

A Scanner Darkly Performance Complete – Onto The Next with Tim Youd!

November 21, 2013

Throughout the month of November, here at Grand Central Arts Center, artist Tim Youd has been performing Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, retyping the novel in its entirety on a Olympia SG-3 typewriter.

scanner complete

At 2:18pm today, the performance was complete!

This is the 16th completed retyping performance for Youd, part of his five-year project in which he plans to retyping 100 novels/stories by groundbreaking authors  – doing each performance in a location for which the author had a direct connection; typing on the same model typewriters the authors originally used for that writing; and doing so on a single sheet of paper.

He loves his Grand Central Art Center location so much, he has decided to perform a second work by Philip K. Dick, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, beginning today.

He begins his 17th project today, but will will soon take a bit of a break in the GCAC performance to perform his 18th project in Miami during the Basel Art Fair Week.  Presented by Coagula Curatorial, Youd will perform Elmore Leonard’s crime fiction classic Get Shorty in room 218 (second floor) at the Aqua Art Fair.

Here are more details on Youd’s overall project at GCAC:

And additional information on his upcoming performance in Miami:

PATCHWORK SANTA ANA – December 1 from 11am – 5pm!

November 19, 2013

Grand Central Art Center and Road Less Traveled are pleased to once again welcome PATCHWORK to Downtown Santa Ana!

Modern Handmade Festival
December 1 from 11am-5pm

PW Festival

2nd Street Plaza, Sycamore and 3rd Street
125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701

FREE to the public.

Peruse 125+ booths featuring local independent artists, designers & crafters at the show. You can snack on delicious creations from local restaurants and unique food trucks.

Bring the kids so they can make art at our DIY craft booth.

Here is a link for more details:

GCAC Participates in Santa Ana Wellness Corridor Kick-Off!

November 18, 2013

GCAC has been active in the efforts to create a healthy Santa Ana, through the physically body, mental state and creative mind. This past Saturday we participated in the kick-off of the Wellness Corridor, promoting Art, Health and Culture! The Wellness Corridor is a major initiative spearhead by Santa Ana based Latino Health Access, a truly inspirational organization we are honored to call our neighbor.





Saturday celebrated a day of outdoor fun for the entire family. The event begin with a welcoming with short performances, followed by a walking tour and bike ride throughout the Wellness Corridor of Downtown Santa Ana. Along the route families enjoyed music, art, community market places and free healthy food choice.



Many dignitaries joined the walk, including Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, Mayor Pro Tem Sal Tinajero, Councilmembers David Benavides, Michele Martinez and Vincent Sarmiento, and Latino Health Access Director America Bracho.

Another happening in Santa Ana that’s bringing community together for positive outcomes!

Sacrifice – 2nd Audio Clip from GCAC Artist in Residence Vincent Goudreau

November 15, 2013

mother with river
*Vincent Goudreau is current Artist in Residence at Grand Central Art Center, arriving in October and here until December.

Recordings of an Immigrant is a multi-disciplinary project compiled from a collection of audio recorded memoirs, a book, video, limited edition prints and a future website. It is the result of a seven-year friendship between Vincent Goudreau and his property owner’s landscaper, Juan Aquino, who arrived to the US in the trunk of a car, delivered by coyotaje to a drop-house in Fullerton, CA.


After making his way through Mexico from Guatemala, young Juan finds himself in Tijuana about to cross another boarder.

The following is an audio excerpt from Chapter 2, titled Mexico:


Additional posted audio:

Revenge, from Chapter 5, part 2, titled Family:

Legal, Chapter 3, titled South Central:

Read more about Vincent Goudreau’s project online at:

INTERNal Affairs: Too Much Good Stuff

November 5, 2013

INTERNal Affairs is a series by GCAC Curatorial Intern and CSUF Art History major Shauna Hultgrien.

Happy autumn my Internet friends! The winds of the season are blowing and bringing with them exciting changes! I’m not talking about the turning of the leaves or the coming of the clouds; no, I’m afraid those wonders are dimmed by the new exhibitions here at Grand Central Art Center. As I’m sure you’ve learned through various experiences with tantalizing El Pollo Loco commercials that lead to excessive salivating and a broken nose from an attempt to smell your television screen– nothing compares to the real thing. Yet there are still those of you who choose to experience Santa Ana’s Saturday Art Walks through me! While I am indeed flattered, you have no idea what you’re missing. The liveliness is not something that can be efficaciously communicated through a brief recreation of the evening. As GCAC’s dutiful intern and your faithful reporter, I will once again do my best to bring the evening to you. For those of you that did attend (yes, over 2,200 of you), let’s take this opportunity to relive that wonderful evening together, shall we?

encinitas rage bear

ocma john in aili

Alright, so there was Matthew Moore and Braden King’s Cumulus, Aili Schmeltz: Cross Cut, Rage Bear: Juggling Awesome organized by Marvin Chow, the Ceramics and Glass exhibition, Tim Youd’s performance of A Scanner Darkly, A Ryman Arts The Big Draw, the Dia De Los Muertos show by the CSUF MFA students hosted by Memphis at the Santora, Artist in Residence Vincent Goudreau roaming the halls, guest appearances by the mayor and city council members of both Santa Ana and Encinitas, and a VIP visit from friends at Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) with their Senior Curator Dan Cameron. Got it all? Was it as if you were standing next to me greeting our illustrious patrons? I hope so, because that’s all I have for you today art lovers.

Just kidding. All of those were indeed components of last Saturday’s delightful event, but allow me to elaborate on my experience with each.

OCMA dan tim john

We had a full house of new activity here at GCAC! The foyer was bustling with activity as the two front gallery spaces each boasted new pieces. The masses began to flood the typewriter-laden hallways (I’ll explain that in a moment), headed by a group from the wonderful OCMA and collectors group. Dan Cameron and Genny Boccardo-Dubey were amongst the group who popped in to see what all the buzz was about. While our Director John Spiak gave the group the “behind the scenes” tour, I remained at the front to greet and guide.

moore and king


ceramics and glass far

rage bear full

Cumulus continues, and with the arrival of the centennial commemoration of the aqueduct, interest in this exhibition was noticeably heightened. The continuation of this show nicely complimented the three openings that occurred on Saturday. The first room people tended to make their way into was the space housing Aili Schmeltz’s Cross-Cut. Like many good works, this piece is better experienced than explained so nip that anticipation in the bud and come see it for yourself! Across from Schmeltz’s space is the fun and eclectic show Rage Bear: Juggling Awesome. Cal State University Fullerton MFA student Marvin Chow employed his curatorial talents and corralled his creative peers to create this visually stimulating show. Imagine a reality with bears instead of people and you have a glimpse into the world that Chow has created. There is something to Chow’s show that appeals to the young and old and everyone in between; it’s fun, energetic, and sometimes just plain weird. But I love it, and you can love it too, until February 9th. And of course, fall wouldn’t be complete without our Ceramics and Glass Exhibition and Sale, which includes incredible works by CSUF students, alumni and members of our community. It’s a great place to do a little holiday shopping.

Tim with crowd

ryman 1

tim typing

ryman 2


This month GCAC was bursting at the seams with creative energy (I’m guessing it has something to do with that creative bug going around- see last month’s blog for details), so much so that it spilled into our hallways. Ryman Arts graced us with their presence and allowed our spacious abode to serve as one of the sites for their Big Draw L.A. event. The Big Draw allowed people of all ages to flex their creative muscle and see what the right side of their brain has to offer the world. At the other end of the hall artist Tim Youd parked his typewriter and went to work on Phillip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. Youd takes novels and retypes them in the same location they were originally written, on the same make and model typewriter on which they were originally composed. Unfamiliar with his work? You’re in luck! He will be here at GCAC all month finishing his current project and recreations of his past projects will be hanging on our walls during this time.

john santa ana group

As the night was winding down and the excitement beginning to subside (or so I thought) the Mayor of Santa Ana Miguel Pulido, City Council Member Michele Martinez, new City Manager David Cavazos and other City Official casually waltz in the corridor! We here at GCAC are ecstatic that there is continued interest in our creative operations. This was further evident as I continuously caught our Artist in Residence, Vincent Goudreau nonchalantly hanging around the galleries. Goudreau is using his time with us to work on his heart-wrenching biographical account of a man whose father was murdered in front of him, on his fourteenth birthday. If you have a minute (and a tissue) listen to this firsthand account, HERE IS THE AUDIO LINK. Since our structure could barely stand anymore creative genius, it once again poured into the promenade and over to the Memphis at Santora. Some of CSUF’s MFA students such as Caesar Alzate and Teresita De La Torre livened up the space with their Day of the Dead themed art. It will be up all month if you missed it on Saturday and there will be a new show from the students up every month.

Vincent and Susan

So how was that? Are you still enjoying living vicariously through me or are you itching to get down here and experience it in person? I encourage the latter, especially since we just welcomed Susan Robb as Artist in Residence for her upcoming project/journey Wild Times. Plus, Goudreau is here through December, Cog-nate Collective (Amy Sanchez and Misael Diaz) are here in residence through next summer, and Tim continues to type in the lobby. Well Internet community, I do enjoy our little chats, it is an exciting thing for me to re-experience these events with you. If you happen to miss the Art Walk next month (which I hope you don’t), log on for December’s trip down memory lane. This is the GCAC intern, over and out.

Susan Robb – GCAC Artist in Residence

November 5, 2013

susan robb

Artist Susan Robb joins us today as Artist in Residence for a first site visit in the development of her Wild Times project. Beginning in April, GCAC will be a home base for engagement with the project – a site of virtual connection to Susan during her upcoming 5-month journey.


We are truly excited to be the hub for Wild Times and are looking forward to sharing her journey with you!

Here is a little preview of Susan’s project in her own words:

Wild Times, merging social engagement, land art, and new media, is an exploration of wildness as a geographic ideal and a state of mind.


Beginning in April 2014, I will embark on a 5-month, 2,650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Using my experiences as inspiration and medium, I will send “trail transmissions” to a series of art venues in proximity to the PCT. These host sites and their guests will serve as collaborators, interacting with the project, with me, and with the broader public via the Wild Times website.

Since I am entering a double wilderness of both place and production, my specific transmissions are as yet unknown. They could consist of anything from photos and videos, to liquors distilled from foraged huckleberries, to ephemeral trail-side sculptures beamed back to civilization and brought to life again via 3D printers.

At its core Wild Times is a proposition to my audience to explore the various wildnesses in their own lives. To aid in this exploration I will also be inviting the public to complete creative tasks and various other calls to action. These might take the form of messages I solicited from museum-goers and announced from the peak of Mt. Whitney, to a workshop where attendees create talismans to safeguard me on my journey.

To deepen this conversation, I will be collecting stories of “everyday explorers” – individuals who investigate or embody wildness through variegated means. Interviews shared online and in print will profile, among others, a breeder of endangered animals, a sex worker, a favela dweller, and an environmental policy maker. Together, they will tell the story of the diverse paths people take to follow the call of the wild.

From the untrammeled spaces of the PCT, and with the help of my collaborators, I hope to plot the coordinates of wildness in contemporary life. Through Wild Times I offer my body and work as a conduit between gallery and wilderness, public and trail, formal and formless, as a way to cultivate the wild terrain that resides in us all.

November 1, 1982 – GCAC Artist in Residence Vincent Goudreau (Revenge with audio)

November 1, 2013

golf swing

*Vincent Goudreau is current Artist in Residence at Grand Central Art Center, arriving in October and here until December.

Recordings of an Immigrant is a multi-disciplinary project compiled from a collection of audio recorded memoirs, a book, video, limited edition prints and a future website. It is the result of a seven-year friendship between Vincent Goudreau and his property owner’s landscaper, Juan Aquino, who arrived to the US in the trunk of a car, delivered by coyotaje to a drop-house in Fullerton, CA.

The boundaries of Juan’s life and what they encompass reads more like an ancient epic of morality rather than a modern day story of immigration, poverty, violence and corruption. Yet this is a contemporary narrative amidst the U.S. immigration overhaul that also confronts taboo issues and even abstractly explores how we as people judge one another.

This cinematic tale contains unpredictable twists and turns. From inspirational to the political, his story then moves into the realm fit for any sports enthusiasts. His perfect golf swing, which was indirectly taught to him by his father in the sugar cane fields of Guatemala, now has purpose.

Ultimately Juan’s narrative embodies the unthinkable when he is accused of a crime. However, his perseverance and positive attitude towards humanity keeps his and the audience’s dream alive – to one day see him play on the PGA Champions Tour.

“When you learn your golf swing with a machete, you never look up”
– Juan Aquino

On November 1, 1982, Juan Aquino witnessed his father’s murder. His father was on his way to present his case to the Supreme Court in Guatemala, fighting for the union worker’s rights and working to close an industrial plant, which was polluting the town’s river. It was also Juan’s 14th birthday.

The following is an AUDIO EXCERPT from chapter 5, part 2, titled Family.


Additional posted audio:

Sacrifice, from Chapter 2, titled Mexico:

Legal, Chapter 3, titled South Central: