Carol Diehl in Residence @ Grand Central Art Center


We are so pleased to have Carol Diehl, artist, writer and contributing editor for Art in America, with us in residence at GCAC. Carol arrived last week and will be with us through mid-February. The residency is allowing her time to work on a new series of drawing, get some writing completed, and further develop a lecture and text on Banksy. Carol will be presenting the Banksy lecture for the first time on February 12 at our Cal State University, Fullerton main campus is collaboration with our CSUF Art Department. The time and location for that lecture will be announced soon.

We also found out yesterday that Carol has been asked by Olafur Eliasson to write a text for his upcoming project, so we are glad that GCAC can provide Carol with time and space to focus on all her creative activities.

Carol will be joining us at our First Saturday Art Walk this week, from 7-10pm, as we celebrate the public reception for Miracle Report: Julianne Swartz and Ken Landauer.

Stop by and say hello!

4 Responses to Carol Diehl in Residence @ Grand Central Art Center

  1. Carol, I was at your lecture on Banksy last night at Cal St. Fullerton. I enjoyed it very much.However when I got home I scoured the internet for more Banksy info and realized you had completely left out anything about the graffiti wars.
    Why? Did I miss you speaking about his rival Robbo or was that left out too?
    Here is a link I’m sure you probably have seen
    Could you please comment on it? It seems like a very important
    part of graffiti art?

    Thanks again for the lecture.

  2. […] most reputable critics. However, artist, critic, and contributing editor to Art In America, Carol Diehl puts her well-earned reputation on the line to not only disagree with her colleagues, but to […]

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