June 7 @ 6pm

Life of An Artist will screen the film Cutie and The Boxer for free, in their basement studio at Grand Central Art Center. With popcorn, candy and sodas, the LOAA artists hope that this film will evoke deeper thought on the complex relationship of male and female artists; competition, relationship roles, differing practices and interactions. The complex relationship between well-known artists Noriko Shinohara and Ushio Shinohara is interesting, provocative and honest. Director Zachary Heinzerling exposes the very intimate lives of the Shinoharas. Their partnership is a playful and combative one; occasionally helping each other grow and prosper, occasionally battling one another with all they’ve got.

2 Responses to JUNE 7 – LIFE OF AN ARTIST screening of CUTIE AND THE BOXER

  1. […] A screinn' uv “Cutie an' da Boxa” at da Grand Cintral Art Cinta. Dis terrific documintary chroniclez da complicate' relationship uv artiztz Noriko Shinohara an' Ushio Shinohara, covern' dead presidentz woez, heavy drinkn', Ushio’z aggressive paintn' style (made by punchn' a canvaz) an' da zacrificez a ho makez fo'da beotch partna’z creativitee. While you’a dere, check out da GCAC’z two new zhowz: “Jody Zellen: Time Jitterz” an' “Flora Kao: Wind Crib, Abode Dat a Breath Efface'.”  Saturday at 6 p.m. 125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana. grandcintralartcenta.com […]

  2. […] in residency, Ingrid Reeve, Barbara Milliorn and Evan Senn, presented a screening of the film Cutie and the Boxer, as a public program for their current project/residency Life of an Artist. The audience loved […]

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