Artist-in-Residence Program

Grand Central Art Center is a Southern California contemporary art institution with a mission focused on collaborative and mutually beneficial outcomes through creative process. The Grand Central Art Center Artist-in-Residence program provides a dedicated apartment and studio to creative individuals through the invitation of the center’s director/curatorial team. The AIR residencies provide time and space away from one’s normal work environment and community, creating the opportunity for expanded collaboration, exchange, growth, resources, knowledge and discovery.

The GCAC artist-in-residence program is supported by a grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

The current emphasis of the residency program focuses on artists working in Social Practice.

Artists in Residence in 2014 to date:
Regine Basha
Daniel Tucker
Susan Robb
Joanna Klass and Wojtek Szaszor
Heather Bowling and Amanda Patenaude
Julianne Swartz and Ken Landauer
Carol Diehl
Heather Layton and Brian Bailey
Ingrid Reeve, Barbara Milliorn and Evan Senn
Cog•nate Collective (Misael Diaz and Amy Sanchez)

Brent Green and Kate Ryan

Artists in Residence in 2013:
Daniel Tucker
Susan Robb
Vincent Goudreau
Holly Myers
Eamonn Fox
Matthew Moore
Braden King
Carmen Papalia
Cog•nate Collective (Misael Diaz + Amy Sanchez)
Bad @ Sports (Duncan MacKenzie and Brian Andrews)
Adriana Salazar
Saskia Jorda

Artists in Residence 2012:
Jules Rochielle
Paul Ramirez Jonas
Naida Osline
Adam Moser
Brent Green
Clinton MacKenzie
Naida Osline
Constantin Hartenstein
Lisa Bielawa
Sarah Luther

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