Santa Ana Sites

Santa Ana Sites, an initiative of Grand Central Art Center, is a community partnership, presenting contemporary performance in public and private spaces throughout Downtown Santa Ana.

The traveling forum is designed to provide the community shared artistic experiences, encouraging the discovery of diverse environments and architectural space.

Santa Ana Sites was founded by Allen Moon, Artistic Director/Community Partner and John D. Spiak, Grand Central Art Center Director/Chief Curator.

Steve Roden Sites Image sm
Santa Ana Sites #5: Steve Roden – A Sound Performance

Santa Ana Sites #4: wild Up at the Santora

Here is a link to a video from that evening:

close 2
Santa Ana Sites #3: AnDa Union

Santa Ana Sites #2: Backhaus Dance

Santa Ana Sites #1: David Harrington of Kronos Quartet

7 Responses to Santa Ana Sites

  1. Step It Up says:

    Where’s the info on Santa Ana sites 5? This link was on your newsletter, but there’s no info on it here.

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