Andy Warhol Foundation Awards GCAC $100,000

July 2, 2014


Grant to support Grand Central Art Center
Artist-in-Residence Program

Santa Ana, California, July 1, 2014 – Cal State Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center has been awarded a $100,000 grant (over two years) from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to support its artist-in-residence program.

“It is an honor for Grand Central Art Center to receive funding support from this important foundation that continues to focus its resources on forward-thinking institutions, initiatives and artists,” said GCAC’s Director and Chief Curator, John D. Spiak.

The Warhol Foundation’s grant making activity is focused on serving the needs of artists by funding the institutions that support them. Grants are made for scholarly exhibitions at museums; curatorial research; visual arts programming at artist-centered organizations; artist residencies and commissions; arts writing; and efforts to promote the health, welfare and first amendment rights of artists.

GCAC’s artist-in-residence program is artist driven, with a focus on discovery, creative process and relationships through collaborative and socially engaged practices. “The generosity of The Andy Warhol Foundation’s financial support provides the opportunity for the Grand Central Art Center to continue forward momentum for the artist-in-residence program, empowering artists to realize their visions,” Spiak said.

Residency lengths are determined on a project-by-project basis. GCAC residencies to date have lasted from three weeks to longer than a year, including the ongoing project by Cog•nate Collective (Amy Sanchez and Misael Diaz) currently moving into year two. Residencies are not required to occur on-site, but provide the openness and opportunity for projects to be realized at off-site locations throughout the community, region and beyond.

GCAC presently is partnering with Social Practices Art Network (SPAN) on a new podcast series. Carol A. Stakenas, SPAN curator, will be interviewing artists and collectives that are participating in GCAC’s artist-in-residency program, with numerous conversations from the time artists are invited through the completion of their residency. This project is dedicated to capturing and cultivating creative voices in the field to deepen critical understanding and share methodologies.

Artists confirmed to realize projects through an artist-in-residence with Grand Central Art Center include: Lisa Bielawa, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Aida Šehović, Joseph Delappe, and Vincent Goudreau.

Presently in residence/exhibition, through her Wild Times off-site journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, is artist Susan Robb. Upcoming artist-in-residence event activities include: Daniel Tucker‘s ongoing project Future Perfect: Times Capsules in Reagan Country, returning July 11-13 to present a time capsule ceremony in collaboration with the Teen Program of the Santa Ana Public Library; Heather Layton and Brian Bailey’s ongoing project 59 Days of Independence, returning August 8-17 to present a project in collaboration with students from Orange County School of the Arts, Orange County Pakistani Parents Association, and youth in Pakistan via Skype – with materials presented in Spanish, English, and Urdu.

About Grand Central Art Center
Established in 1999 as a joint venture with the City of Santa Ana, Grand Central Art Center, a unit of California State University at Fullerton’s College of the Arts, is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of contemporary art and visual culture: regionally, nationally, and internationally through unique collaborations among artists, students and the community.

The Grand Central Art Center Artist-in-Residence program provides a dedicated apartment and studio to creative individuals through the invitation of the center’s director/curatorial team. The current emphasis of the residency program focuses on artists working in social engaged practices. GCAC residencies provide time and space away from one’s normal work environment and community, creating the opportunity for expanded collaboration, exchange, growth, resources, knowledge and discovery.


Video, Images and LA Times Review of Santa Ana Sites #5: Steve Roden

June 20, 2014

On the evening of Saturday, June 14th, GCAC presented the fifth performance in our Santa Ana Sites series, with a sound performance by artist Steve Roden.



The evening began with a reception at Downtown Santa Ana’s Q Art Salon, hosted by Jose Quant and Shell Martin. Guests gathered and connected with one another at this pre-event mixer.

parking lot


At 8:15pm, GCAC Director/Chief Curator and Sites Co-Founder John D. Spiak led guests, downstairs, down the street the a historic law building and a parking lot in front of roll-up gate leading to an underground parking area. When all had arrived, the gate was opened and guests made their way underground, where they then entered another space – that of a subterranean racket ball court located beneath the law building owned by Dennis Dascanio, who generously allowed GCAC use of the space for the evening.

performance above

There, guests were greeted by Sites Co-Founder and Artistic Director Allen Moon and were introduced to Steve Roden for some brief pre-performance remarks.


GCAC invited Steve to perform in the Sites series, as we admired and respect him for the constant risks he takes – through his painting, installation work, films and sound performances. He is always challenging himself and the audience, allowing access to those slight moments in life that we often forget, or don’t allow ourselves to experience or enjoy – the slight mark, the capturing of an actual shadow, an adjustment or shift of a tone. It is what Steve does best and what makes him such a remarkable individual.



performance above

Over the course of his 5o-minutes performance, Steve didn’t disappoint, as he took the audience on a complicated sound journey – one that began with sound bleed from a cumbia band performing for a wedding at a nearby banquet hall, first collaborating with those sounds, then making that background beat truly disappear as his own synthesized composition took center stage. Through his skillful use and knowledge of sound, Roden was able to successfully transport the audiences to a place outside the confines of the Downtown Santa Ana location, to a space of “elsewhere” that was unique to each of the 108 individuals experiencing this live performance.

la times

GCAC was fortunate to have in attendance Carolina Miranda of the Los Angeles Times, who wrote a wonderful review of the evening. capturing her own images and sound of the performance that she shares through text and slideshow, available through the following link:

We were also able to record video documenting some of the sound check with the artist during the afternoon set-up, so we thought you might enjoy it as well.

We would like to also acknowledge and thank Dennis Lluy, along with his team at The Yost Theater for their continued support of Santa Ana Sites. Through their in-kind generosity, they have loaned equipment that makes each Sites performance possible.

Lastly, we thank all those who attended and who continue to support Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana Sites and our community outreach activities!

More information on the Santa Ana Sites series, including documentation of past performances, can be found online at:

Recapping A Grand First Saturday – Hike / Gallery Talk / Reception / Art Walk @ GCAC!

May 7, 2014

Saturday, May 3rd, marked another successful first Saturday art walk! The monthly art walk event in downtown Santa Ana provides a night of open galleries and institutions, studios and street vendors, great live music and all the wonderful food of local restaurants. It’s always an enjoyable way to spend a southern California evening!


The day kicked-off a little early this month as Fallen Fruit. Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work. David and Austin led a day hike with participant collaborators Sue-Na G., Stephanie Kern, Emily Lacy, Husam Salman, Sarah Shewey and Faith Purvey, to Deep Creek Hot Springs in the San Bernardino National Forest. Fallen Fruit’s project, Rainbow Day Trip, was organized as a collaborative program of Susan Robb’s project and exhibition Wild Times, currently on exhibition at GCAC.


The group of Rainbow Day hikers joined Fallen Fruit on the adventure to become “trail angels,” an effort to connect with Pacific Crest Trail hikers for encouragement and inspiration along the 5-month journey from Mexico to Canada (more details on Wild Times below).

Here is the way Fallen Fruit describes how their preparation and adventure unfolded:


“Prior to Saturday, each collaborator chose a color to embody for the day hike.  They thought about each color and what that color means in the world.  They thought about flavors, histories and songs.  They constructed characters based upon our individual research and imagination.

The evening before the hike we connected to fine-tune our characters collectively.  We told each other stories and made embellishments to our color characters.  We used feathers and spray paint, working out the details of each of our individual performances, which we would reveal as a color performances to the group the next day. At the trailhead, we geared up and embarked on our experimental day trip to perform all of the colors of the rainbow.   Rainbows don’t last forever; they are fragile and temporal like our group.  We became a visual spectrum of color and spanned an arc within a landscape we couldn’t capture except by photographs.



The Rainbow Day Trip was a mind-body experience that constructed a narrative created by individual experiences that was group authored.  Each color performed in independent ways, as meditations, as series of declarations about each participant, completely in song and through silence.  We realized that colors are many things.”


Back at GCAC, we kicked off our evening with a 6pm gallery talk by current exhibiting artist Julia Haft-Candell. Julia shared insights into the current body of work included in her solo GCAC exhibition Fast and Slow, on exhibition in the Project Gallery through May 11th.   The artist provided insight into her process, her philosophies on art making practice and her current career activities. It was an appreciative audience in attendance who asked great questions, engaging the artist in wonderful dialogue.



As the official art walk began at 7pm, we opened the doors to our three galleries. The night marked the opening reception for Susan Robb’s Wild Times project. In mid-April, Robb embarked on a 5-month adventure from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Using the trail as a nomadic studio and her experiences as inspiration and medium, she is creating digital works—photos, videos, and 3D files— sending them to Grand Central Art Center where they will be displayed. Over the course of the 5-months, the exhibition will continue to grow through physical object, engaged programming and hands-on activities provided by Robb through the Wild Times website.

surface close


rock video


ppi with image

Thanks to a generous donation by Microsoft, we have numerous Surface tablets connected in the space, as well as a Microsoft Perceptive Pixel (PPI) touch screen device, allowing patrons the opportunity to browse the current activities of Robb on the trail. The connection to the project website also allows for individuals to post their own responses and interactions with the project, adding a truly collective voice to the project and gallery space.







Through our new Makerbot 3D printer, we are actively printing objects Susan is scanning along the way and transmitting back to us. The objects are being printed in color codes that indicate the altitude on the trail where the object was discovered and scanned by the artist. We printed three rocks on Saturday evening that became, and will remain, part of the exhibition.



The exhibition space also contains an Epson large format printer, being used by GCAC to print 2D images Susan sends from her journey. After being printed, the photos are framed and become part of the overall installation. Over the course of the exhibition the photos will begin to hang layered upon one another, creating a topographic map extending out from the gallery wall. The images and installation will provide a sense of the terrain the artist has traversed to date.




If you haven’t seen it yet, we thought you might enjoy reading the interview with Susan regarding her Wild Times project on the Creative Capital blog. Creative Capital is a major granter of this project. Here is the link:

In addition to Grand Central Art Center, you have the opportunity to see elements and programs of Susan’s Wild Times project at collaborative venues including: Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Desert, CA; 826 valencia, San Francisco, CA; Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA; and Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.

We are excited to be able to support and to be on this journey with Susan. We hope you will join us throughout the project, to engage with its programming and to support the artist as well!


Miracle Report

Saturday marked the last week of Julia Haft-Candell’s Fast and Slow exhibition, as noted earlier, and the last week of the extremely successful and well received exhibition by artists Julianne Swartz and Ken Landauer, Miracle Report. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see these exhibitions, stop by this weekend, as both exhibitions are open through this Sunday, May 11, when we close at 4pm. Lots of wonderful restaurants here in Santa Ana, so it could be a great way to celebrate Mother Day.





And the activities and outreach of Grand Central Art Center on Saturday evening were not limited to Santa Ana. Current GCAC artist in residence Daniel Tucker was busy with his own activities in Los Angeles as well. During his residence, Tucker has been developing a documentary project entitled Future Perfect – Time Capsules in Reagan County, dealing with the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the phenomenon of time capsule burials in California. As part of his residency, the artist has been traveling the entire state of California, visiting research libraries, Reagan related monuments and parks, and presenting talks at various locations and institutions. On Saturday night, Daniel was part of the group exhibition PRESENTS that opened at Commonwealth and Council in Los Angeles, which runs through May 24th. For his contribution to the exhibition, Tucker created the project The Preface to Future Perfect, a photography installation presenting materials from his ongoing research while in residence at GCAC.

lisa visit

You would think all those activities would be enough to fill a weekend, and you would probably be right, but not for us here at GCAC. Sunday we welcomed back our ongoing artist in residence Lisa Bielawa, who is in town this week for a series of meeting, arranged through our Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak, in the development of her upcoming GCAC project, a serial Opera titled Vireo. Lisa also had time to connect with our new GCAC Cal State Fullerton graduate assistant Amanda Leader, who is working on her Masters Degree in Music, Voice Performance with emphasis in Opera. Amanda has been an excellent addition to the GCAC team and will be helping manage major components of Lisa’s serial opera as Project Coordinator. We’ll provide you more details on this project as it progresses.

So stop by Grand Central Art Center and be part of the action, we would love to see you!


September 7, 2013

Tonight, Grand Central Art Center hosted the Art Grad Mixer organized by Christina Y. Smith, the new Graduate Program Advisor for Cal State University Fullerton’s Department of Visual Arts. The occasion, in honor of the students, provided the opportunity for all current visual art graduate students to meet, connect and be introduced to their Program Advisor.


We had a great turn out, with attendance by College of the Art Dean Joseph Arnold, Chair of Visual Art Department Jade Jewett, Graduate Secretary Laura Garcia, GCAC Director John D. Spiak, GCAC Associate Director Tracey Gayer, a few CSUF alumni, current GCAC artists in residence Cog•nate Collective (Amy Sanchez and Misael Diaz) and all the talented CSUF Graduate Visual Art Students. It was truly a festive and connective evening.


Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to MEMPHIS at the SANTORA for their generous in-kind support of the evenings fantastic food!

New Exhibitions, President Garcia Visit, MFA Open Studios – Kick-Off May @ Grand Central Art Center

May 9, 2013

This past Saturday, Grand Central Art Center celebrated the opening reception of our new exhibitions – Divested Interest: Exchange Dialogues with Cog•nate Collective & Ramiro Gomez, curated by California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) College of the Arts graduate students Emily D. A. Tyler and Martha Rocha of the Exhibition Design program, and artist Saskia Jorda’s solo project Unraveling Tradition.

May2013-1076 May2013-1075 May2013-1074 May2013-1066May2013-1141

The night kicked off with CONVERSATION #4, Community Exchange, GCACs ongoing series that provides the opportunity for current CSUF students to lead conversation with creative individuals active in the field.  The conversation was led by the two curators of Divested Interest, Emily Tyler and Martha Rocha, and included on the panel Cog•nate Collective (artists Misael Diaz and Amy Sanchez) and artist Ramiro Gomez.  It was a great conversation about the development of the exhibition and the artist’s interactions with the downtown Santa Ana community over the past month and a half as the three artists popped in for artist residencies.  It provided great insight and the audience of over 90 individuals – a great mix of local community, CSUF faculty and staff, local merchants and art world visitors – engaged in the dialogue with outstanding questions for the artists and curators.

May2013-1038May2013-1040 May2013-1043May2013-1058

Following CONVERSATION #4, we opened our three galleries to the public and were visited by CSUF President Mildred Garcia and her Chief of Staff Ann Camp.  GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak led Ms. Garcia and Ms. Camp on a full tour of the exhibitions, introducing them to the artists, curators, key GCAC supporters and the works in the exhibitions.

May2013-1087 May2013-1088 May2013-1086May2013-1096 May2013-1102

Saturday also marked the MFA Open Studios night for our CSUF GCAC resident artists who live and work here on site.  With President Garcia visiting, the evening provided the perfect opportunity for her to be exposed to the work of these outstanding artists.  The President was truly gracious with her time, talking with each student about his or her work, which was on display in the studios.

May2013-1128May2013-1106 May2013-1125 May2013-1107 May2013-1108 May2013-1112

During a two-month artist in residency at GCAC, creating her Unraveling Tradition exhibition, Saskia Jorda developed an outstanding relationship with Quinceanera Magazine.  We were fortunate to be joined Saturday evening by representatives of Quinceanera Magazine, including Jenny Razo (Miss Cover Girl, January 2013) and Flor Garcia (Miss Cover Girl, May 2013).  The magazine set-up their pink carpet and backdrop, inviting our patrons to join the cover girls for photos.  A truly enjoyable experience – GCAC and the artist would like to thank Quinceanera Magazine and especially Norma Capitanachi for all her support and assistance over the past few months in helping to realize successful outcomes.

May2013-1070 May2013-1117May2013-1085

We were also fortunate to be joined during the evening by the great folks of the Pacific Symphony.  Through GCACs collaborative partnership with the Pacific Symphony, we presented the Rite of Spring Video Booth in our Artist in Residence Studio.  Created by UC Irvine associate professor of dance and media art John Crawford, the video booth allowed participants to choose sections from the ballet The Rite of Spring, capture their own movement in a green screen environment and combine it with Crawford’s artistic video content.  The booth generated a great energy with our audience and those who participated directly within the booth.

May2013-1173 May2013-1172 May2013-1170

Along with all the new projects, we also celebrated the ongoing GCAC exhibitions Monique Leyton and Brad Kuhl: Elite Deviance and Ryman Arts Fullerton Exhibition, the work of Orange County based high school students who participated in the CSUF/Ryman Art program throughout the Spring semester.


Grand Central Art Center thanks all of the 2,200+ individuals who were in attendance Saturday evening, those who couldn’t join us that evening but contributed significantly to the success of the current exhibitions and programs, and those individuals who have continued to support GCAC throughout the years.  Through this generous support, Grand Central Art Center continues to serve and engage our direct community, contribute to the educational process and greater success of our CSUF students, inspire through the would of visual art and creative outlets, and be responsible neighbors and friends open to dialogue and inquiry from all perspectives.

Serving Students and Faculty of Orange County!

April 11, 2013

It has been a busy couple of weeks at Grand Central Art Center, with many classes visiting our current exhibitions.  Through faculty of Irvine Valley College, Fullerton College, as well as numerous class visits and individual critiques by our Cal State University Fullerton Department of Visual Art faculty, GCAC has been active.

CSUF Prof. Kyung Sun Cho class visits current exhibition of CSUF GCAC Residents  exhibition.

CSUF Prof. Kyung Sun Cho class visits current exhibition of CSUF GCAC Residents exhibition.

Kyung Sun Cho, CSUF Visual Arts Professor and Program Coordinator in Drawing and Painting, brought her class to discuss the current exhibition that features the work of current CSUF MFA students who live on site at GCAC.  The exhibiting artists spoke about their individual work in the exhibition, than the class discussed the individual works and exhibition as a whole.  A very lively conversation!

Fullerton College Prof. Carol Henke's class tours with GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak

Fullerton College Prof. Carol Henke’s class tours with GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak

Fullerton College Prof. Carol Henke's class tours GCAC

Fullerton College Prof. Carol Henke’s class tours GCAC

Fullerton College Art Gallery Director and Professor Carol Henke brought her Exhibition Design class over for a tour.  Our Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak spoke with the class about curatorial practice and opportunities in the museum and art world, shared his insights into the current exhibitions, and provided the group a full tour of the GCAC facility.  A great group of individuals who we know will be active in the local art scene.

Amy Grimm's Irvine Valley College class discusses the work of CSUF MFA student Patrick Faulk

Amy Grimm’s Irvine Valley College class discusses the work of CSUF MFA student Patrick Faulk

Amy Grimm's Irvine Valley College class is discussion with GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak

Amy Grimm’s Irvine Valley College class is discussion with GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak

Amy Grimm's Irvine Valley College Curatorial Practice  class

Amy Grimm’s Irvine Valley College Curatorial Practice class

Amy Grimm, Assistant Professor of Art History & Museum Studies at Irvine Valley College, visited GCAC with her Curatorial Practice class.  Once again, our Director spent time providing full tours and engaged with the class in productive conversation about the current contemporary art world.  The class was a very well informed and intelligent group of students that asked the right questions and were clear with their aspirations.

We know we will see many great activities generated by both the Irvine Valley College and Fullerton College individuals in the very near future.  It is clear that their instructors are inspiring, teaching and exposing these students to the multiple perspectives and approaches of museum and gallery practice.  We hope to see many of them soon as students in our own CSUF programs!

CSUF Prof. Joe Biel with CSUF MFA Student and GCAC Resident Kaitrin Sones Mathew

CSUF Prof. Joe Biel with CSUF MFA Student and GCAC Resident Kaitrin Sones Mathew

CSUF Associate Professor in Foundations 2D Design, Joe Biel, has been over numerous times in the past month, doing individual critiques with CSUF students who have work in the current GCAC exhibition.  He has spent quality time in the exhibition talking with the students about their concepts, techniques and vision for their work and directions they might take as the work moves forward.  The exhibition has provided a great opportunity for such engagement between faculty and students, a chance for the students to share insight and receive feedback while their work is hanging on our gallery walls, as well to interact at receptions with the public who are enjoying their creations.

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF Prof. Karin Schnell class presenting docent tours as class assignment

CSUF’s Museum Education program has been using the space as well.  Through classes taught by Prof. Karin Schnell, students visited Grand Central Art Center for a tour, followed by the students presenting practice docent/education tours of our current exhibitions.  Many of the students have been making visits to the center over the past few weeks to see and learn more about the exhibitions in preparation for the tours they created and presented to their fellow students.  It has been wonderful to have multiple visits by these students over such a short period of time, and to work with them as they develop the direction and perspective of their tours.

This is what GCAC is all about, the sharing of inspiration and information to enhance personal education, both formal university and general public, through the world of art and creativity.  We enjoy our role as educational outreach for the arts and invite teachers, professors and instructors from all across Southern California to connect with us.  Just call us, 714.567.7233, as we are happy to schedule a full tour for your class or group!

We Love Orange County School of the Arts!!!

September 21, 2012

Yes, we really LOVE this school!  The Orange County School of the Arts is our neighbor, located just down Sycamore Street from Grand Central Art Center.  If you don’t know this school, you should.  As stated in their own words “This premier public charter school currently serves more than 1,850 students in grades 7-12 from more than 120 cities throughout Southern California.”

Their students visit us all the time, through formal classes with their instructors, to groups of friends dropping over after school. Last week, a wonderful group of students came over after school and we provided them with a tour, and they entertained us with a little improvisational performance work.  Truly talented and inspired young individuals.

Earlier this week, OCSA teacher Randy Au brought two of his classes for tours and conversations.  GCAC Direct/Chief Curator John D. Spiak talked with the student about the work of artist Tony de los Reyes and theories of abstract painting.  They asked outstanding questions about the work, as well as questions about institutional decision making, artist selection and curatorial process.

Yesterday, Mr. Au brought another group of his students.  They spent time talking with our GCAC team member Yevgeniya Mikhailik, who also happens to be an amazing artist, about the work of artist Erin Morrison. Yevgeniva curated Erin’s exhibition and talked about her process, this body of work and her own role at GCAC.   They shared their thoughts and asked more questions.  It’s clear by their questions, these young artists are learning a dialogue and critical thinking that will lead to great success moving forward.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such great neighbors!

What a Weekend @ Grand Central Art Center!

May 7, 2012

We kicked off this past weekend on Friday, by engaging with Social Practice collaborative artists Owen Driggs, through their Performing Public Space Loitering Project.  Invited as part of Jules Rochielle’s Artist in Residence at GCAC, Janet Owen and Matt Driggs took visiting artists Jules Rochielle, Maria Del Carmen Montoya, Christina Sanchez, Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, and Cypress College art professor Ed Giardina and his students Brian Yellowshirt McNamara and Luis Munoz-Najar, on a loitering adventure of Downtown Santa Ana.  Owen Driggs and Maria Del Carmen Montoya were exploring the area in preparation of future visits and activities in associating with Rochielle’s GCAC Artist in Residence throughout the summer and fall.


Saturday’s activities started with an outstanding talk by author Gustavo Arellano.  He shared with those in attendance the history of Mexican food in the US, through stories from research for his latest book Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America.   Following the talk, Gustavo graciously signed copies of the book for those in attendance.  Thank you to Rueben Martinez of Libreia Martinez Book and Art Gallery for providing the publications for the event.  Thank you as well to Gustavo for allowing us this opportunity – sharing your knowledge and providing engaged insights, all with such humor and grace!


It was the monthly First Saturday Art Walk in Downtown Santa Ana, as well as Cinco de Mayo, so that could only mean a joyous night of opening receptions and cultural activities throughout the city.

Grand Central Art Center opened three new exhibitions to a very large and receptive audience.  The artists, curators and GCAC team did the center proud, with top quality exhibitions throughout, so we thank them all for their hard work, passion and talent.

The exhibitions included:

Naida Osline: All the Queen’s Men


Millard Sheets Studio: The Art of Home Savings and Loan

Curated by Concepcion Rodriguez and Wendy Sherman


Camilla Taylor: The Disagreement

Curated by Yevgeniya Mikhailik


Along with Saturday’s three opening receptions, California State University, Fullerton’s student project Evoke Unity engaged with Jules Rocheille’s What is Democracy?, creating an interactive/participatory installation in the GCAC AIR studio space.  Thank you to our outstanding CSUF students for their hard work, dedication and engaged approach to art making.  Many of these students, along with the artists who participated in the loitering of Downtown Santa Ana, will be joining us at the Open Engagement conference in Portland, OR, May 18-20.


And what celebration would be complete without some traditional Lucha Libre on the front 2nd Street promenade?  What power, what force, what energy – truly entertaining!


Sunday afternoon provided the opportunity for an educated conversation on the work of Millard Sheets and his studio.  The lively and informative panel, Dr. Adam Arenson, Alan Hess, Mike McGee, provide outstanding perspective and historic background to the work of this artist, designer and architect.  They shared their knowledge and research on the importance of the masterful artist and the impact he, along with Howard Ahmanson and Home Savings and Loan, played on the landscape, history and vision of Southern California.


And to round out the weekend activities, members of Southern California Artists (SCA) joined GCAC Director/Chief Curator John D. Spiak for an evening of conversation at the center.  The group discussed the current series of exhibitions, the future vision and residency programs of GCAC, and shared views on Social Practice.

Thank you to all that continue to participate and contribute to the programming of Grand Central Art Center, we truly appreciate your support, enthusiasm and insights!