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Mobility Device was a performance in which artist Carmen Papalia, who is blind, was accompanied by a marching band that replaced his white cane as his primary means of gathering information about his surroundings. As part of this site-specific performance for the Grand Central Art Center, Papalia explored Downtown Santa Ana while The Great Centurion Marching Band from Century High School in Santa Ana, under the direction of Scott Devoe, provided musical cues indicating objects, obstacles and other information that might be relevant to the artist on his journey. As a piece of music, Mobility Device was an extension of the musicality of the white cane—bringing attention to the things that the white cane, on any occasion, might touch into sound. With Mobility Device, fixtures such as curbs, lampposts and sandwich boards became notes in the soundscape of a place. Alternately, Mobility Device proposed the possibility of user-generated, creative process-based systems of access. It represents a non-institutional (and non-institutionalizing) temporary solution for the problem that is the white cane.  The community was invited to join the performance.

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Adam Moser’s GCAC project involved the opportunity to realize his lifelong dream of playing in the big leagues by trying out for Major League Baseball. Recognizing he was not alone in this dream, Moser place an “open call” to the community for individuals to form a nine-member tryout team.  Team members had to be in good physical shape, available to attend multiple events and available the complete day of tryouts.   Team members were also required to be at least twenty-five years or older.   The call was a success, finding nine diverse community teams members who became the Cut-Off Men.

Often the world of baseball and visual art, and those within these fields, are considered complete opposites.   The Cut-Off Men explored the similarities of baseball and visual art, through programs and symbolic actions: individuals coming together for collective success – a baseball team/group exhibition/artists collective; idea of collectable – bobble head giveaway/signed team Cut-Off Men baseballs in edition of 50/limited edition print/multiple; importance of venue – baseball stadium/art museum; importance of signature as measure of value and authenticity – autographed baseball/signed artwork.

Thank you to Mickey Fisher for the creation of these short documentary films!

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