DANIEL TUCKER: ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Future Perfect: The Ronald Reagan Time Capsule

tucker spiak
(Artist Daniel Tucker visits the Nixon Library with GCAC Director John Spiak)

Chicago, IL based artist Daniel Tucker joined us this week as Artist in Residence for a first site visit in the development of his Future Perfect project. During his visit, he visited local historic sites such as the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon Presidential Library’s, while getting a better feel for the community of Santa Ana.

Daniel will return in April and be in residence through June for the full engagement of the Future Perfect project, so we thought we would provide you a little preview below…

Future Perfect: The Ronald Reagan Time Capsule
Part speculative fiction and part real-world intervention, Future Perfect: The Ronald Reagan Time Capsule is conceived of as a series of writing workshops and public sculpture burials taking place up and down the coast of California in 2014. The event-based work will result in a publication and exhibition.

Future Perfect will partner with local organizations, universities and collaborators from San Diego to Eureka. Those involved in the project can engage by writing letters in the voice of Reagan (as his letter has never been recovered) or in the voice of other figures (fictitious or real) that would have buried time capsules concurrently with Reagan. These letters will be buried in time capsules throughout the State of California. The capsules will be buried with the letters collected in each locale and a burial event will be organized with all of the local participants.

The combined focus on time capsules, Reagan, and speculative fiction comes out of a speech given by Reagan in which he references a time capsule – one for which he wrote a letter speculating what the world would be like one hundred years in the future.

We look forward to your involvement!

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